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Eventkunst is a full service agency for your events, that is directed by its owner. We are very passionate about design, cuisine and culture and use our experience to make your event successful!


Dzaner Arnaut | Owner


After years of education and experience in the field of event management Dzaner Arnaut founded ‘Eventkunst’ in 2009. Additionally he and his team manage the luxury travel train “Majestic Imperator”.

His broad knowledge about history, interior design and psychology is always a great source of inspiration for new ideas. With his sparkling personality Dzaner feels comfortable in every social environment.
For him a sense of style is second nature.

He finds purpose in bringing joy to people through his amazing work.








Interview with Dzaner Arnaut


Where did you get the idea for the name ‘Eventkunst’ from?

I wanted to emphasize that an event is a piece of art. It is a cooperation of many contributors – the organizers, the chefs, the artists and many more. The artistic aspect of events is very important to me. We are an agency with employees and partners of all ages from different cultural backgrounds. Every opinion matters and together we make sure to create a masterpiece.

How do you stand out from other agencies?

Of course our greatest strength lies in the numerous years of experience we have in the cultural field as well as in sports.
On top of that we share a passion for details. We don’t want to recreate or copy others but want to come up with something unique, something new.

What is it, that defines a good, successful event for you?

The answer is simple: When people still talk about it years later. It’s not only the perfect organization or good food and drinks. Here everybody has his/her own, unique opinion.
But if society has been talking about your event for years because of how amazing and unforgettable it was, you know that you’ve made it as an event planner..